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10-16 October 2016 Special promotion: Neopiko-4 Silver Gray brush

Posted by Aminuddin Abdollah on

For a limited time as part of our special weekly promotion, the Neopiko-4 Silver Gray brushpen is 20% off, which you can grab for the low price of RM8.00.This handmade watercolor 'hairy brushes can be used for both lettering, inking or colouring your artwork. By diluting it with water, you can create gradient ink washes to softy fill in shades of a black-and-white composition.

Watch our exclusive calligraphy demonstration to get a better idea of its colour, texture and handling.


  • Watercolor brush
  • Water soluble dye-based ink
  • Color light and shade is freely expressible

>> View the Neopiko-4 Silver Gray product page <<

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